Wedding Dress Cleaning

Bridal Gown Cleaning

Simply put, we just clean wedding dresses - we do it really well!

We have years of wedding dress cleaning experience.  

We use this experience to concentrate on the smaller details that make all the difference in restoring your dress. 

Its almost impossible to avoid picking up stains on your bridal gown between makeup, fake tan, grass stains, mud, food, wine; after all its a day to be enjoyed!  As most wedding dresses are light in colour and delicate, this means it’s challenging to get them looking great again.  

That’s where our combination of time, knowledge, experience, solvents, tools and techniques come in to make sure that your dress looks as amazing as possible.

We know how special your wedding dress is and we will make sure it gets all the close personal attention and time needed to make it look fantastic again.  

We take great pride in our work and that is why both brides and bridal shops alike, rely on us to achieve the best possible results with their wedding dresses.

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Wedding Dress Cleaning Pricing
wedding dress cleaning
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